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DukeJets developed the JetVizor Air Charter Directory and Marketplace in late 2009 and launched JetVizor.com in early 2010.  Dan Probert began JetVizor.com as a light level alternative to NBAA Air Mail, Charter Hub and AirCharterGuide featuring useful map-based search features for identifying empty leg matches and transient availability.

More substantial is the massive “home base” data, which includes an updated list of nearly 3,000 charter operators and over 13,000 aircraft worldwide (medical, cargo and passenger) identifying where aircraft are based.  This accurate and easily filterable data accessed in new map-based interfaces has become a resource for the entire industry through various partnerships with technology and aviation related partners.

JetVizor experienced positive reception by the air charter industry as Avinode had announced the purchase of CharterX at approximately the same time as the JetVizor launch, and many in the industry expressed alarm at the potential monopoly Avinode could present.  The Charter X acquisition included Avinode’s acquiring of charter rating service WYVERN.  In response, DukeJets was approached by ARGUS International about integrating the ARGUS charter ratings into the JetVizor Directory.  Thus, DukeJets partnered with ARGUS International.

JetVizor was shortly thereafter pursued for integration lightly by Airplane Manager and CharterSuite and more heavily by Avianis Systems for data integration.

JetVizor data continues to provide a significant piece of the foundation which as become the Avianis Ecosystem. JetVizor allows other air charter brokers and charter operators to access its data free of charge through vetted user accounts at http://www.avianis.com.

DukeJets has consulted FBOs and other aviation related companies, standing up air charter brokerages virtually overnight.  DukeJets also supports Part 135 operators in outsourcing their charter brokerage service in a win-win relationship– a model surely other Part 135 operators will follow.  DukeJets’ office at the XJet World FBO is one example of how DukeJets is assisting others in the industry, such as FBOs, capitalize on a potential revenue stream by offering charter, while also providing a valuable and needed service to FBO customers and private jet club members and guests.

DukeJets sits on the cusp of technology in our area of expertise and strives to be a resource for the entire industry.

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